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Welcome to Ferguson Federal Credit Union

Chartered in 1968 at what was formerly St. Regis (now Georgia Pacific), and operating in a small vacant office, organized as a cooperative to offer better financial services to those employees of the mill. As we grew, we established a stand-alone branch right outside of the mill and were able to offer services to others in the community by way of Miles Lumber Companies. For many years, we operated with a small crew of dedicated employees who “wore many hats” and worked closely with the members and one another.

Like the trees that fuel so much of the agricultural industry in Southwest Mississippi, we grow each and every year, showing rings of growth through new products, better services, stronger and more ample staff, and more branch locations. In 2013, Ferguson Federal Credit Union began to see substantial growth, and in 2014, NCUA granted us the opportunity to serve more than just a few employee groups…we were allowed to serve all of Lawrence County. As our growth continued, our staff grew, and we added on dozens of new products and services to meet the needs of our burgeoning membership. To spearhead the mission of improved financial literacy in Lawrence County and Southwest MS, we opened a student-run branch inside of Lawrence County High School, only the second credit union in the State of Mississippi to do so, in 2015. Moreover, in 2016 NCUA granted us another expansion and provided us the opportunity to provide strong financial services and education to 11 other Southwest MS counties (Amite, Copiah, Franklin, Jefferson, Jefferson Davis, Lincoln, Marion, Pike, Simpson, Walthall, and South Rankin). 

Celebrating 50 Years of Service to Our Communities

For 50 years, we at Ferguson Federal Credit Union have served with one primary purpose — improving the lives of those in our community. Even now, our purpose remains the same. Since 2013, we have seen exponential growth and are even recognized as one of the fastest growing credit unions in the State of Mississippi. In keeping with the global credit union mission of “people helping people”, Ferguson FCU offers the highest quality products and services, lowest fees, competitive interest rates, and most personalized service in our area. Though we continue to grow and push the boundaries set by traditional financial institutions, we still strive to maintain our hometown atmosphere and attitude. We employ local talent for every branch to provide familiar faces, provide comfortable branch settings, offer personalized interaction for every transaction, and innovative convenience services to keep our members on-track and in-touch with their accounts. 

Being a member of Ferguson Federal Credit Union is more than just having a checking account or getting a loan. It's being a part of a truly great community organization, sharing a common goal with employees and fellow members, and contributing to a healthy cooperative. Every account at Ferguson FCU is considered ownership of the credit union, every owner has the same voice and same weight. You'll always be treated with courtesy, respect, and friendly service in a family-oriented atmosphere. Plus, you'll always have peace of mind knowing that you've joined a financial institution created to serve your best interests and the community as a whole. Our staff are all members, just like you. Everyone from our Board of Directors (comprised solely of volunteers) to our front-line teller staff. We're all working together, members and staff, all the time.

We’re proud and excited to be the premier financial institution of Southwest Mississippi.  The best is yet to come!

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