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At Ferguson Federal Credit Union, we believe in not only bolstering a strong and healthy community, but also a fruitful and happy staff. Part of doing this is recognizing those members of the Ferguson family who have shown great tenacity and leadership.


First to receive this recognition is our newly minted Member Service Call Center Team Lead, PhLeigha Magee, or simply Leigha, as we call her. Leigha joined our family in February of 2016, just before we began our explosive growth from obtaining our Community Charter expansion. Her entry into our fold was just as explosive, and she has been warming the lives of cu employees and members ever since.


Beginning as a teller, she greeted everyone who entered the branch with a boisterous “hello” and shining grin. No one left her station without a smile. Her special attention to each member and their needs enabled her to move quickly through the ranks of teller and into a Member Service Advisor role, processing loan applications, counseling members in credit and finance, and helping get to the root of real financial needs of so many people. As we began to expand our operations, Leigha was approached with moving into the Member Service Call Center due to her positive attitude, pleasant demeanor, and excellent member service telephone skills. She happily accepted and helped shape that fresh new department from a mere concept to what it is today. Recently, Leigha was offered the opportunity to lead that department that she helped create, and it has only become stronger under her leadership.


I had the opportunity to speak with Leigha about her journey to Ferguson, her time here, and her plans for the future.


You had never worked in a bank or financial institution before. What made you want to work at Ferguson?

Leigha: I like to work for places that I don’t know about, I always have, and I was working at Verizon but my husband had an account here and his family had an account here, so I was coming up here all the time. I came through the drive thru one day and the teller that helped me, Mary Kathryn, was just so sweet. She was the nicest teller who ever helped me, and it made me wonder what it was like to work where she worked, what it was like on the inside. She actually came into Verizon that same afternoon and I sold her a phone. I applied right after that.


Mary Kathryn would love to hear that! You should tell her. Or I will, ha. We’re certainly glad you did apply! Now that you know us, what makes you stay here?

Leigha: I just love it here. It feels like a family. I love the people I work with. We have fun and we get along and I love my members. I have got to help so many people. We do some great things and we really help people. I really believe in what we’re doing. These people need us. It feels good to know I’m helping people.


I know that you were talking about going to school for Nursing. Does that mean that you’re going to stay here with us (I’m personally crossing my fingers…)?

Leigha: (Laughing) I’ve been in school every semester, but I haven’t really decided what I want to do. My family has a history of nursing, so I always said that’s what I’d do, but really, I just want to help people and do good work. I feel like I’m doing that here. I want to be here doing good work.


You just took over the call center that you helped build. Congratulations! Is your team as good as you are?

Leigha: Girl, they really are. Heather is just a go-getter. She gets on the phone and she’s just helping people and getting stuff done. She’s always on it. She’s kind of loud like me and we stay busy. And Jolisa is a like a quiet little worker bee. She will be working and getting stuff done and I won’t even know, she’s just doing it. It’s great to have people I can count on and not have to micro-manage. I just know that they’re doing work and getting done what needs to be done. It helps me make sure I can do what I need to do. We work great together. I have two new people coming in, and I got to help interview them. It was my first time interviewing anyone. It was exciting to get to pick my own people. I’m excited about them coming in. I think we’re going to be great together.



After our conversation, Leigha went back to her team and kept working hard to help her members. You can hear the passion in her voice and see the excitement on her face. It’s a joy to have her here, and we’re proud to call her part of our family.

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